They let me hold the elopement bouquet. Big mistake.

They let me hold the elopement bouquet. Big mistake.

We believe the dreams inside your heart were placed there by the Creator of the universe. 

We know, heavy stuff. But first let's get to know each other.

My name is Robert H, founder and creative director of Nephew & Co. Though I have worked and lived in many places including Africa, the Middle East and South America I always find myself returning to florals and the beautiful farm in central Missouri where I grew up.

As a child my aunts were always a huge part of my life. We would go camping, write songs and sell flowers at farmers markets. It was from these amazing women that I learned to appreciate beauty in almost anything. 

Nephew & Co. has a simple yet critical foundation for design. We believe the most beautiful things are created using elements of divine creation. When we build on this foundation we enter into a beautiful collaboration of humanity, creator and storytelling. It allows us to tap into supernatural inspiration that is overwhelming in power and responsibility.

With years of experience we take the opportunity of telling your story very seriously and commit to excellence in the smallest detail.   

I'd love to get to know you so let's meet for coffee or a glass of wine. The future needs your dream.

The Nephew



The future is waiting for those who have the courage to create it.
— Erwin McManus